This is a great site devoted to teaching educators how to use podcasts and vodcasts to increase student achievement.

The site is the brainchild of Jonathan Bergmann and Aaron Sams who are pioneers in the field of using vodcasts in the classroom. They have devised a new method of teaching called Pre-Vodcasting. In this model, students watch vodcasts at home and class time is spent in engaging hands-on activities and directed problem solving. Both Jonathan  and Aaron are High School Science teachers in Woodland Park Colorado, at the base of Pikes Peak.

Thus far, students using the Pre-Vodcasting model have been very successful in mastering Chemistry. Jonathan & Aaron believe that all teachers can benefit from vodcasting their lessons live, and that their Pre-Vodcasting model can revolutionise instruction in a variety of subjects.

Hop onto the Creating the Vodcast page to learn about the software and hardware you’ll need.

The Posting the Vocasts page will give you lots of tips and ways of sharing your vodcasts.

Photo by bigyahu.

7 thoughts on “Vodcasting

  1. Carol,

    Thank you for bringing this to our attention. We have some students who are experiencing difficulties with their online chemistry classes. I’m going to be sending out a mass email and let them know about the success of this online application.

    Again, thank you! We need more information like this to better educate the leaders of tomorrow.

    American Central

  2. New technology is helping students in many different ways. Video conferencing now allows a teacher to set up a virtual classroom, complete with students from all over the world.

    Vodcasts are simply an extension of that technology. Students are becoming the winners, as are their parents and teachers. Hopefully, in ten years time, we’ll see the results as our youngsters become adults and make their mark in the world.

  3. In a fast changing world, daily a new technology is born and the children are the generation of tomorrow who need to keep track of the new happening as and when they happen. Instead of training more teachers, the experts can take up Video conferencing as a tool to educate the children directly all over the world, which helps the children in getting first hand information at a sparkling speed.

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