Skype High Quality Video

At the end of October, Skype and Logitech announced a collaboration to deliver High Quality Video calls over the Internet. From the press release:

With High Quality Video on Skype™, people worldwide can enjoy free video calls that are sharper and smoother than ever before. The experience is so good, it might be better than being there.

“This is a major leap in the clarity and smoothness of free video calls over the Internet,” said Gareth O’Loughlin, Skype’s general manager, mobile and hardware devices. “High Quality Video is a tremendous opportunity to delight our more than 246 million users and take their Skype experience to a whole new level. One in four Skype calls already involve video, so we know our users love to show and not just tell. High Quality Video will take Skype conversations to a whole new level of realism. In the past, only big businesses could afford this kind of video quality. It’s now time to take it to everyone else.”

There’s a good overview & short video on this topic at the Gizmodo blog.

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