edna’s Second Life Party

edna (Education Network Australia) is 10 years old so they threw a party. Some people attended on-site – drank wine & ate cake. Others attended in Second Life – drank wine & ate cake. First we had the speeches (they were happening in the real world & ‘beamed’ live to us):

Then there was the dancing – I don’t think they got to do this at the real world party – or maybe they did ;->

I’m not sure how those cows & horses got on the dance floor – but some people did have a LOT to drink!!! Can you guess which one is me???

If you want to see more photos go to flickr & search edna10.

This was my first Second Life party. I’ve only stumbled about before. It was good to be with some experienced avatars who could remind me how to sit (how embarrassing!) and teach me how to dance.

I’m looking forward to doing some more Second Life activities – not too many parties though!!

3 thoughts on “edna’s Second Life Party

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  3. Glad you came Carol — no, only we Second Lifers got to dance! The metaverse journal is a great way to stay up to date on Aussie SL events, and me.edu.au has a Second Life community

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